Fritz!Box recovery

For different reasons you might loose access to your Fritz!Box, e.g. you forgot the IP address, debug.cfg is defective or others. There are however several recovery options…

Rescue IP

Each Fritz!Box has an emergency interface:

You can always access your Fritz!Box using the IP address

1. First you need to configure your network card, as e.g.

1a. Linux/Unix

On the console as root (eth0 might need to be replaced by the correct interface):

1b. Windows


2. Now you should be able too reach your Fritz!Box using the “new” IP address, e.g. in your browser or per telnet:


Should it happen that you can’t access your box under the emergency IP you have to use the original AVM recovery options. Attentions : all configuration parameters will be lost.

You need Windows to do that!

1. Download the recover image from the AVM FTP-Server using the address You have to select the correct Fritz!Box model. You find the appropriate file in the folder “x_misc” under the desired language, eg. “FRITZ.Box_Fon_WLAN_7270.04.76.recover-image.exe”

IMPORTANT: Take care you download the correct image. By using a wrong image might damage the Box. E.g. Fritz!Box 7270 is existing as two models: v2 with Firmware 54.04.XX and v3 with Firmware 74.04.XX

2. Run the exe file according to the AVM instructions. It can happen that you have to restart Windows a few times.

If not know I recommend to make a firmware update.

Both does not work

If this methods doesn’t work your Fritz!Box is probably broken.

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