Modssl allows secure transmission using ssl encryption. You can recognize that as “https://” in front of the page address. Secure transmission is important for passwords and sensible information. A good example for use of secure transmission is online banking.

Create certificates

1. You need Linux. In order to create Ccertificates you need to install “openssl”.

2. Create certificates:

Hint: “Common Name” is the domain name or the IP address of the Servers. It should be “” or any other Dyndns name.

3. Now copy the following files in the conf directory of apache:

  • server.crt
  • server_without_passwd.key

Adapt the apache.conf

Finally you must integrate moddssl into apache.conf:

In the example configuration this host is commented out.


If everything is correctly set up, the homepage should be available:

NOTE: per default modssl uses port 443. Hence the remote access uses the same port. As a consequence there is a conflict: mou have to change the port of one of the applications, e.g. switch remote access to port 444. In that case we would have the following addresses:

External secure access

1. In order to enable secure access from the outside, you need a change in ar7.cfg at the “forwardrules”:

See also section “ar7.cfg”

2. Now your site should be reachable from the outside: https://[yourIp]/

“yourIp” has to be replaced by the correct IP address. The easiest way to find it is through hier.


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