As the subject suggets this file is located in the Flash Memory. It is executed at boot time (of the Fritz!Box). Therefore itz is very important for our modificatins. The file is a shell script.

In order to make the modifications work that are described here, an entry must be made in the debug.cfg. Caution: Before writing in the file the modification should be tested carefully! In the worst case you will need to use the AVM Recovery-Tool. In the best case of an error the script won’t do exactly what you want…

Different options for debug.cfg modifications

1. The most elegant one.

You must possibly install this.

ATTENTION. The regular vi does not do the job!

2. The easist solution to my opinion.

Requires FTP access.

On the local computer create a text file called debug.cfg. Copy file to /var/tmp z.B. using FTP and overwrite the existing file:

Another option, not working with all boxes:

3. With “cat”.

The file is created temporaryly in one process with the command “cat”, until EOF is written. Then it can be copied to in /var/flash/debug.cfg or appended:

4. Limited use. Apply only in emergency cases.

ATTENTION: With each command you write into the Flash Memory, which allows only a limited read-write cycles. This increases the danger, to destroy the Flash and hence

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