Apache web server

Nowadays one could believe that everybody knows what is a web server. Nevertheless I think I should explain some things: A web server is a server providing web pages accessible anywhere in the world provided you got internet access. Example: a powerful and famous server is www.google.de

There are many options to make your web information available on the internet. And a lot of programs to do that. Apache is one of those programs, and rather powerful and famous too.

First, I want to mention that a correct installation of a Apache server is rather tedious. This is even more true for “Fritz!Box-Apache”, since there is not much that can be set up automatically and per default.

These are the requirements:

Following modifications are needed:

These modifications/progrmas are recommended:

  • FTP or even better SSH+SFTP for FTP-/SFTP access
  • Notepad++ for Windows or Kate for Linux , comfortable text editors

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