External FTP server for Fritz!Box

Export files to remote FTP server

It is very important to export data to a remote server if your Fritz!Box comes without USB memory. Me, as well as others, offer a free FTP server (my FTP is called radislav.bplaced.net). However you might want to use your own one. Reasons for this are to get independent of external server modifications, as address changes or server downtimes. Or you might want to store personal data that shall be invisible to other persons or you want to encrypt your stuff. A good example is available in the chapter /SSH+SFTP:

The simplest option that works (free of charge in 99.9% of the cases) is the set-up of a FTP server.

Let me explain in the following how this is done using the example of www.bplaced.net


1. Create a new account on www.bplaced.net This account is free and you get more than enough space for your programs and accessories. Selecting “freestyle” or “freestyle plus” makes no difference basically.

It doesn’t matter neither that the service offered by bplaced is intended for websites. You get the FTP access as an add-on. As a side effect you can publicly share files over the HTTP access.

2. Logging in after successfully creation of your account you have to set up the server using the option “FTP-Verwaltung”

My tip and recommendation: Create a complicated password with more than 10 characters including numbers and symbols.

3. Now you can log on with any FTP client. Create two directories: “public” and “private”. I selected those names that are self explicatory, right?

Advanced users are free to create other file tree structures. Don’t forget to adopt your code accordingly.

4. In order to restrict access to the directory “private” to “secure” FTP I create a file called “.htaccess” with following content:


1. First decide which files shall be shared in public or private, then save the files in the appropriate directories of the new FTP server.

As an example you can share the program dropbear publicly (or private) since it is non commercial and can be shared non commercially. On the other hand you want not to share your (private) KEYS of this program and save it in the private section.

2a. Public HTTP download

In any browser http://[yourAcountName].bplaced.net/public

2b. Public wget download

2c. Private FTP download

In any browser: ftp://[ftpUser]:[ftpPassword]@[yourAcountName].bplaced.net/private

2d. Private wget download

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